Sustainability Planning

Wise businesses are now weaving environmental sustainability into their long-term strategies, and they’re doing it by writing comprehensive sustainability plans. True sustainability goes beyond easing environmental impact. It makes good business sense.

At Bright Energy Services, we aspire to have a positive influence on the world, so sustainability is at the heart of our work. We believe that helping our clients deliver sustainable outcomes for both current stakeholders and future generations will make our business stronger in the long run. We work with organizations to develop sustainable business models so they can produce tangible economic, environmental and social benefits, as well as building long-term business success.

Bright Energy Services can help your organization identify key areas of eco-friendly opportunity and give your business a roadmap of how to maximize of those opportunities. The key to developing this roadmap is to build a Sustainability Plan that is appropriate for the organization.

A Sustainability Plan can take many forms. Depending on the size, type and capacity of the organization, the Sustainability Plan could be a two-page document that focuses on a long-term vision and broad goals, or a one hundred-page document that outlines specific targets, quantitative indicators and a detailed timeline.
Bright Energy Services can help you:

  • identify your core social and environmental impacts
  • create a sustainability plan to align your triple bottom line
  • calculate your carbon footprint and go carbon-neutral
  • develop a sustainability report to share your commitment
  • green your supply chain and optimize your product life cycle

Bright Energy Services would be pleased to help your organization take the first step to holistically managing the impacts – both positive and negative – that your organization has on the environment, community and economy.



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