Sub-metering, NYC Local Law 88 Compliance

Many buildings depend on a single meter to monitor electricity consumption, and as such, bill non-residential tenants a standard rate regardless of the tenant's actual consumption. Individual tenants would likely reduce their energy consumption if energy use information were made available to them regularly.

Sub-metering is the installation of metering devices with the ability to measure energy usage after the primary utility meter. Sub-metering offers the ability to monitor energy usage for individual tenants, departments, pieces of equipment or other loads individually to account for their actual energy usage.

Bright Energy Services can help building owners/managers sub-meter their spaces and their equipment by installing physical metering devices that monitor electricity, gas, water and other utilities as well as provide the regular reports with measurement capability that will help better control energy usage in a building.

NYC Local Law 88 (LL88), part of the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP), brings together requirements for both sub-metering and lighting upgrades that will help buildings achieve significant energy savings. LL88 requires large non-residential buildings to upgrade lighting to meet current New York City Energy Conservation Code standards, and to install electrical sub-meters for each large non-residential tenant space and provide monthly energy statements.

Our professional, knowledgeable team can help building owners/managers sub-meter, upgrade to more energy efficient lighting, and achieve NYC Local Law 88 Compliance, all while lowering operating costs within the facility.



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