Commissioning, Retro-Commissioning, NYC Local Law 87 Compliance

Commissioning is an intensive quality assurance process that begins during the design of a new building and continues through construction, occupancy, and operation. Commissioning ensures that the new building operates as the owner initially intended and that building staff are prepared to operate and maintain its systems and equipment.

Retro-commissioning involves identifying and correcting deficient building sub-systems and controls in existing buildings. The process identifies drifts from normal performance and fine-tunes those systems, bringing them back to an optimal level of operational efficiency. Retro-commissioning applies the commissioning process to existing buildings and seeks to improve how building equipment and systems function together. Retro-commissioning can often resolve problems that occurred during building design/construction or address problems that have developed during the building’s life.

NYC Local Law 87 requires that all New York City buildings greater than 50,000 (25,000 starting in 2018) square feet undergo a professional energy assessment every ten years and that the results of this assessment be filed as a report with the New York City Department of Buildings. The law is divided into two components:

Energy Audit Requirement

    An assessment of the building’s systems for the purpose of identifying recommended, but not required, energy conservation measures. The recommended measures are to be provided in a report to the building owner and filed with the New York City Department of Buildings.

Retro-Commissioning Requirement

    An assessment of the building’s base systems for the purpose of ensuring that a building’s systems are operating as intended. Items found to be deficient are to be provided in a report to the building owner. The deficiencies and steps taken to correct these deficiencies are to be filed with the New York City Department of Buildings

Whether your building needs commissioning, retro-commissioning, or to achieve NYC Local Law 87, Bright Energy Services has consistently delivered sophisticated, useful energy assessments to our clients at very reasonable costs. In fact, when deficient items are corrected and energy conservation measures are implemented, the savings are usually more than the cost of the assessment.




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