Resiliency Planning

Global environmental threats such as climate change, soil erosion, and depletion of natural resources are very real and growing concerns amongst many, including facility owners and managers. Risk management is especially challenging when threats are unpredictable. A resilient enterprise has the capacity to overcome disruptions and continually transform itself to meet the changing needs and expectations of its customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Additionally, organizations are under increasing pressure to couple economic growth with social responsibility, and to take greater responsibility for their ecological footprint, including reduction of toxic emissions, knowing the environmental impact of their supply chain, and actively conserving resources in order to mitigate the environmental threats. Resiliency goes hand-in-hand with sustainability and requires that organizations develop and expand upon the ability to adapt to these ever changing circumstances.

Bright Energy Services provides advisory services and expertise in many of the aspects surrounding corporate sustainability and environmental resiliency. We will analyze the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the facility in terms of resource utilization, waste minimization, energy storage, and its ability to protect and nurture the natural ecosystems in which it operates in order to develop and implement a plan that will enhance the organization’s resilience. This will not only improve financial performance, but will also strengthen many of the intangibles that are recognized by investment analysts as drivers of long-term shareholder value, such as reputation, employee motivation, and process excellence. In short, sustainability and resilience are attributes of dynamic, adaptive systems that are able to flourish and grow in the face of uncertainty and constant change. While we cannot foretell the future, Bright Energy Services can help equip your organization to adapt to the turbulence ahead.



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