Lighting Audits and Retrofits

Given the many ways to conserve energy, lighting often represents the “low-hanging fruit” because the payback on investment happens quickly.  If a full energy audit and building analysis is planned for in the distant future, many smart facility owners and managers embark upon the lighting audit and retrofit first and use the savings to fund future energy efficiency needs.

The Bright Energy Services Lighting Audit will result in a Lighting Audit Report, which is a comprehensive baseline summary of the lighting-related electrical consumption in a facility. An inventory of various lighting types, including their consumption and hours of operation, is included as well as a cost-benefit analysis of every lighting type for which an energy efficient upgrade is available. It will show you how much energy can be saved with a new energy efficient upgrade.

Where applicable, the audit reportwill show potential savings and rebates offered by granting agencies that could offset the cost of lighting retrofit.

For a limited time only, Bright Energy Services will waive the $5,000 audit fee for buildings that meet certain criteria.  Please check with your Bright Energy Services specialist on your facility’s eligibility.





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