Energy Auditing and Building Analysis

Bright Energy Services audits commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings to help the owners and managers determine the source of energy and waste/leakage and identify opportunities to improve efficiencies. Energy efficiency is the most cost effective way to reduce energy costs.

The audit starts with an analysis of the facility’s energy bills and, depending on the needs of the facility’s owners/managers, Bright Energy Services can conduct different levels of detail for an energy audit, satisfying the requirements for ASHRAE Level I, II, and III audits.

  • Walk-through Assessment: Analyze energy bills and a brief visual survey of the facility. The subsequent report identifies no-cost and low-cost opportunities.
  • Energy Survey and Analysis: A more detailed analysis is conducted, including a breakdown of how energy is used within the building. Recommendations are provided based on an owner's operations and maintenance, constraints, and economic criteria. Potential capital-intensive opportunities are identified in the final report for further research and analysis. This is the typical level of audit.
  • Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modifications (Investment-grade Audit): This analysis focuses on capital-intensive opportunities and provides a higher degree of monitoring, data collection, and engineering analysis. The report includes detailed cost and savings information with a high-level of confidence sufficient for major capital investment decisions, and may include a reasonable timeline for implementation of each recommendation.

Bright Energy Services approaches each project with a holistic method to sustainability when conducting audits. We identify opportunities to improve water efficiency, air quality, waste management and other sustainable building aspects.

Audits result in a report that contains a comprehensive baseline summary of energy consumption in a facility. An inventory of equipment, including their consumption and hours of operation, is included as well. We identify and develop strategies to reduce the energy loads (e.g., Insulation, use of day lighting, lighting fixtures and controls, high efficiency HVAC, controls and water conservation measures).  The audit report will show how much energy can be saved with various equipment upgrades, process changes, and / or program participation. Very often, the report shows that by implementing many low- or no-cost solutions, your facility can reduce its energy use by up to 30 percent!

Where applicable, the audit report will show potential savings and rebates offered by granting agencies that could offset the cost of the upgrades.




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