Demand Response / Energy Load Curtailment

On very rare occasions the electric grid experiences a high degree of stress. In order to reduce the strain on the grid, demand response (also known as energy load curtailment) programs have been developed by the utilities and grid operators.

When this grid instability occurs, thousands of organizations like yours get paid to reduce their electric use and help prevent blackouts or brownouts. Large electricity users in select regions can earn financial incentives by curtailing electricity consumption when demand exceeds supply. Many organizations use this incoming revenue stream to fund new environmental efficiency projects.

Bright Energy Services enables organizations with large energy consumption to maximize the significant financial opportunities available as a result of energy deregulation and incentives programs aimed at reducing the stress on North America's overburdened energy infrastructure.

Benefits of Demand Response / Energy Load Curtailment

  • Monetary compensation beyond savings
  • Cost reductions via lower utility charges and effective quantity management
  • Improved emergency preparedness with advance notice of grid stress
  • Valuable recognition as a good corporate citizen
  • Greater understanding of facilities and energy usage
  • Opportunity to fund other projects with energy savings

Bright Energy Services leverages its extensive relationships and opportunities presented by deregulation to identify the most appropriate energy curtailment programs and broker beneficial agreements. Through Bright Energy Services’ deep understanding of energy markets and usage efficiencies, clients can identify and enroll in pertinent energy curtailment incentive programs and implement effective operational streamlining.



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